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Meet Chè Monique, the Mermaid Trailblazing for Size Inclusivity Under the Water

In the first episode of MerPeople, the new docuseries about the rapidly growing community of professional mermaids, someone approaches mermaid Chè Monique from behind and taps her on the shoulder.  “My family told me there’s no such thing as a fat mermaid,” the woman says, starstruck and holding back tears. “It’s an honor to meet you. You […]

Morgana Alba: Where is Circus Siren Pod Founder Now? Article from Cinemaholic

With Netflix’s ‘MerPeople’ introducing the viewer to the mermaiding community, we get to meet several interesting personalities, including Mermaid Sparkles, who felt landlocked in Arkansas, Mermaid Che Monique, the founder of the Society of Fat Mermaids, and The Blixunami, who described themself as a non-binary merm. However, fans were even more excited when the show […]

The inaugural FantasyWood Festival aims to enchant and engage

Over Memorial Day weekend, Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods will become a playground for people with overactive imaginations. As you explore the forest, you’ll come upon all kinds of fantastical creatures — fairies and unicorns, of course, but also a crew of stranded space aliens and a giant sock monster who wants you to tell […]

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